Took some more pictures today.2007-09-23 17:52:36 ET

I got bored after i cleaned my house, so I grabed the camera. The pics are mainly of me, and a couple of me and sage. I really need to just go for a walk one of these days with my camera and take some nice pictures of something else. Until then I will just be the subject. Quinten doesn't have to work tomorrow! I was so excited to hear that. I get to go pick him up in the morning. The rest of the week though is regular work days. I just hope none of them are late days. I guess we will see.

Quinten had duty today.2007-09-23 04:10:06 ET

It kinda sucks but here in the next couple of weeks he gets to go on leave. I'm excited about that. I may have a friend over today, but I need to get the house cleaned up again. :P

Taking a break...2007-09-21 08:20:31 ET

from cleaning. We really messed up the place the last 2 or 3 days.With Quinten being home I spent my time talking to him instead of picking up after ourselfs. Oh well, gives me something to do while he is at work. Things are really gonna be tight from now on because we won't get that extra money he gets when he is out to sea. :( We will make it though. I'm really glad he is home, and with him here I have more motivation to get fit. Mainly because he nags at me all the time. lol Since he got home I really realized how many cd's we have. He always has something in the sterio and is constantly switching out cds, and it makes a mess. We don't have any really good storage for them. We did but Sage is big enough now that she just pulls things out of the cabinets and shelves. I have locks on the cabinets but the media storage we have doesn't have a door. I need to find something cheap that gives us easy access to all the cd's and that I can keep Sage out of. I think I'm gonna check e-bay. Well I suppose thats all for now.

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