What should I title this?2007-09-24 15:50:35 ET


Took some more pictures today.2007-09-23 17:52:36 ET

I got bored after i cleaned my house, so I grabed the camera. The pics are mainly of me, and a couple of me and sage. I really need to just go for a walk one of these days with my camera and take some nice pictures of something else. Until then I will just be the subject. Quinten doesn't have to work tomorrow! I was so excited to hear that. I get to go pick him up in the morning. The rest of the week though is regular work days. I just hope none of them are late days. I guess we will see.

Quinten had duty today.2007-09-23 04:10:06 ET

It kinda sucks but here in the next couple of weeks he gets to go on leave. I'm excited about that. I may have a friend over today, but I need to get the house cleaned up again. :P

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