Took these at the park...2007-09-26 09:58:36 ET

Went to the park today2007-09-25 14:16:58 ET

Quinten came along even though he isn't feeling well. I chased Sage around and took a bunch of pictures. It was fun and I'm worn out now. I will sleep well tonight. The ice cream truck came around and we got some ice cream. :) Its fun to have an excuse to get a ninja turtle popcicle. LOL Sage is being a little brat at the moment. I think she is just tired. I don't want to lay her down or she will be up really early. Quinten gets to go to the Cradle of Filth meet and greet tomorrow. I really wish he felt better. Maybe he will tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I get to stay home and baby-sit. I don't really mind I am so excited for Quinten. Well I suppose thats all for now. :)

....2007-09-24 17:49:45 ET

Hey look they aren't pictures of me! lol I took these today, and I need to work on them quite a bit, but some of them I started to work on. What ya think? I know the quality isn't the greatest, but more the subject and pose of the pictures.


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