Hello?2007-10-01 08:32:31 ET

Anybody out there?
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Do I suck?2007-09-30 11:19:02 ET

I want someones honest opinion about my photography. I never really get constuctive critisism, and I never really get noticed either. Someone please help. I have pictures here, and on my deviantart page.


Blahh...2007-09-28 13:27:45 ET

I'm bored and I don't have much to post. I'm watching Sentenced live on the dvd I got Quinten. We missed out on actually going to the best concert ever. It was when we were in high school. It was Sentenced, Cradle of Filth, and Moonspell. We will never get a chance like that again and it sucks.

Sage is being a pain in the booty. She doesn't listen, so I have to be mean and then she just screams and throws a fit. Its so frustraiting. I don't know what to do with her sometimes.

Well I guess thats all on my end. How is everyone else doing?

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