Saturday2007-08-24 09:01:54 ET

is the concert and I have people to go with me!!! YAY. I am excited. I had to go get two more tickets too so I have 3 people going with me. From none to three. Of course its the people I had originally invited but whatever. I didn't want to go alone.

My friend Laurie got her plane ticket last night. She gets here on the 14th!!! OH my gosh can't wait. We are going to the Lunatic Luau on the 15th then we have a couple days to get things ready for Q and he will be home and it will be PARTY TIME!!! lol

Finances are still tight, to the point I am barely keeping my head above water, but Iam making it and will soon have a couple of the cards paid off. That makes me feel better.

Still haven't found a home for Mocha, and I don't really have the money to run an add in the paper. Plus since she isn't little anymore what if ppl don't want her? I really want her to find a good home where she will be happy.

Sage is starting to try and dress herself...its so cute because she will put her shirt or pants on backwards or miss the arm hole and have the shirt hanging on one side. She is so smart though b/c she can pretty much do it. She is doing pretty well with the potty training. She has gone two more times since the first.

Other than all that I am bored out of my mind!!! Whats new with everyone else?

Mocha2007-08-23 08:30:52 ET

So here she is.... she weighs 21.1 lbs right now, has all her puppy shots, 5 months supply of heartworm medicine, and is adorable. I'm gonna sell her so if you want more info let me know. :)

I love the sound of thunder2007-08-21 16:06:36 ET

Its storming right now. The thunder is really loud. Sage isn't quite sure what to think. I am trying to keep her calm I don't want her to be scared of storms. I just tell her is sounds pretty and it calms her down.

I just saw Robin Hood Men in Tights for the first time. It was pretty good. Some of the stuff is just so random.

I still haven't done my dishes. I procrastinate sooo much when it comes to getting them done. I absolutely despise doing them. I will eventually though.

Tomorrow I get to go and give Mocha my puppy a bath. She has a bad habit of going to the bathroom in her crate. :( She is really difficult to potty train. I'm not going to get to keep her any ways I'm gonna run an ad in the paper soon. If any one is interested, shes 4months old, lab mix, all her shots are up to date and she has a 5 months supply of heartworm medication. I'm gonna sell her. Just contact me on here for more information. She is a beautiful loving puppy, I just don't have the money for her. I have to pay 400.00 pet deposit plus 25 extra a month. With the finacial trouble I got myself into I cant do that now.


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