Just found out...2007-08-21 09:36:02 ET

Once Quinten gets back about a month later his ship is going out again....it makes me so angry. He should get to be here for Sage's 2 birthday, wich is good since he missed her birth and first birthday. He is most likely going to miss our wedding anniversary though. :( We will be married for 3 years October 29th and we have yet to have an anniversary together. We didn't even get a honey moon because he was in A school when we got married. I was with him for 2 days and then didn't see him for a month. Its so frustraiting. That means he'll miss Halloween to wich is our favorite holiday besides Christmas. Uck I know I signed up for this too but it still aggrivates me. Oh well it will be good to finally have him home in a few days.

Cleaned my house2007-08-20 19:06:21 ET

but...I left my dishes so I would have something to do tomorrow. I have a ton of them because I cleaned out my car and well I had breakfast dishes and Sages cups and stuff like that in there. Oh well.

I still haven't found anyone to go to that concert with me. Of course it doesn't help when the only people you know babysit for you. I really need to make friends but I am never really in any situation to make friends.

Its so freakin lonely here, and Bri and her hubby (my baby sitter) leave in Dec. so when Q is gone I will literally have no one. :(
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Last night...2007-08-20 07:03:48 ET

I went over to my friend Bri's house and we had a cookout. The mosquitos loved me. I seriously had over 50 bites on me within like 30 min. I hate off but I finally put some on. It was crazy. Poor Sage got eaten up too. I have some fun pictures to post. So here they are.

We obviously had some fun. I think I am really starting to look less bloated from my diet, but I still look pretty bad. At least I am working on it though, and I love my shirt. :)

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