Last night...2007-08-20 07:03:48 ET

I went over to my friend Bri's house and we had a cookout. The mosquitos loved me. I seriously had over 50 bites on me within like 30 min. I hate off but I finally put some on. It was crazy. Poor Sage got eaten up too. I have some fun pictures to post. So here they are.

We obviously had some fun. I think I am really starting to look less bloated from my diet, but I still look pretty bad. At least I am working on it though, and I love my shirt. :)

I feel traped....2007-08-19 11:36:59 ET

My friend and I were talking about school today. We went to high school together and she is now a senior at Ball State University in Muncie IN. It made me start to think and I realized that I am going to be almost 30 by the time I graduate. Thats if I get back to school with in the next two years.

I don't really know what I want to go to school for though. Well actually I do...Photography. Professional Photography. The school I want to go to...Brooks Institute of Photography, but its clear in California.

Quinten gets out of the Navy next July and he wants to go home and work at the state hospital. I was going to go to school for nursing or teaching. Logansport is a good town and I love being home, but I don't think I want to spend the rest of my life there. I think Quinten does.

My real dream is to work for a magazine or a fashion company or an advertisement agency. I want to take pictures of celebrities and models. I want to take pictures for National Geographic. I want to make ads for productsthat makes people want to go out and buy it as soon as they see the picture.

I know that all seems very dramatic, but the point I am trying to make is that living in little Logansport IN those things have zero chance of happening.

I just know that Quinten wants to go home and be with family and raise Sage there and his dreams are what are keeping mine from happening. I don't even really want to discuss this with him because I don't want to squash his dreams. I love him more than anything and don't want to even think about living without him, but what am I supposed to do when his dreams are so different from mine?

Anyone want to go to a concert with me?2007-08-19 05:46:59 ET

I have 2 tickets to go see a local band play at the Norva. I guess there are going to be like 4 bands there all together. I got the tickets for Mojave Heat Bomb. Well the friend I was going to take couldn't go unless her hubby went, and I was gonna use him as a sitter. So now I have a sitter but no one to go with me. You can check them out on myspace.

Let me know if you wanna go and you are in the area. :)

Oh yeah its on the 25th by the way. :)

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