SHE DID IT!!!!!2007-08-14 12:11:26 ET

Sage went pee int the potty!!! Just now for the first time!!! I am so excited!!! Now lets see if we can get her to do it again!

Can't figure it out...2007-08-14 11:10:28 ET

So I just did the math, and I am living paycheck to paycheck. I don't really understand why or how, but we are, and it really sucks. I really wish I knew how to get about 6-7 thousand dollars fast, but I really don't know how to get that kind of money. I can't really afford to get a job unless it pays like 10 or 12 dollars an hour and there aren't that many jobs that do unless you have a degree. I feel like I am drowning in all of husband is always pressuring me to lose weight he refuses to give me any extra to help pay down our dept, and on top of that he wants to get out of the Navy in the next year, and we have at least 2 years of debt. We bairly make it now, how are we gonna make it without Military pay and benifits? UGGGh!!

Any ways I really like this picture. I took it yesterday at the OceanView Beach. :)

Pre-K2007-08-13 07:12:32 ET

Its so weird to think that Sage will be pre-school age next year. Technicly if I could get her potty trained I could enroll her in Pre-school this year. Time has gone by so fast. She is smart, but I don't feel like I am doing enough to help her develope her skills. I want to make sure she excells in school and life so I have been trying to find a good school to send her too here in the near future. I'm excited and scared. She is growing up to quickly.

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