I'm so angry!2007-08-11 06:20:56 ET

So my friend or exfriend Daniel is no longer wlecome at Bridgets place or mine for a while. Last night Bri and I wanted to get some time with out Sage...and he owed us because we picked him up at hte bus station, and he agreed to watch Sage for us. Before we left we told him feed Sage some Chefboy R D or whatever and let the dogs out of the crate. We get home the dogs all 3 of them are in the same crate we left them in covered up and over heated, Daniel is covered up asleep with Sage curled up next to his feet uncovered...wich means he fell asleep before she did. Then when Bri was taking him home he said him and Sage had had some fights.., one was he was eating a cooking and Sage started screaming and he wouldnt give her any and he said she started to hyperventalate, so he finally gave her a piece and the other was that Abby "bit"her.

1st off I went through the trash no cans of anything...she was starving thats why she was screaming..he hadn't fed her like we asked. He let her freaking starve. The food is in the cabinet and we told him that its right up front, and 2nd Abby has never and will never bite Sage...if Sage won't leave her alone or is hurting her she will nip but has never bitten or made contact with Sage's skin and there were no marks on her. Bri and I think he did something to Abby because she growled at everyone like she was going to kill them(the other dogs) and she was so jumpy and aggressive even towards Bridget....she has never been that way. It really pissed us off. Its one thing not to take care of the dogs like we asked but to neglect Sage that way...hes not welcome around me for a long time. That and like I said he fell asleep before Sage so he wasn't even keeping a good eye on her...I am still freakin furious.


Resume2007-08-07 08:24:34 ET

How do you know if you have a good resume? Plus how do you make a good resume when you pretty much suck.

Black Tips2007-08-06 07:36:05 ET

Ha I am so freakin bored! Can you tell?

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