UGH!2007-08-03 05:58:41 ET

So I went to the gym the other day and weighed myself...I am actually a pound heavyer than I ever have been in my life. Not good. I don't know what to do. I do okay when I am by myself, but I hang out with my friend Bri all the time and she is always offering me junk food and we are always going out to eat, and all she really has at her house is junk food. I try to tell her I am going to do this to help me do this but she doesn't seem to hear me. She won't be able to live like that much longer so she is completely splurging on everything while she can. I really need to be stronger and tell her no thanks.

I have to go grocery shopping today so I'm gonna have a slim-fast so I'm not hungry and go make good choices lol. No junk food. I need to experiment with cooking and portions more anyways. I hope to get back to the gym more too. Although I have been contemplating setting my alarm for 8am and getting up and taking myself and Sage for a mile and a half walk. That way I wouldn't really need a gym. I know that I can do this I have to.

HAHA!2007-08-02 14:13:52 ET

Sage is stuck in her bounce bounce baby thing...she is so angry it makes me laugh. Maybe I should go help her out but its funny to listen to her get so frustraited. She needs to learn how to talk so maybe this experience will teach her how to say help! lol

....2007-08-02 11:06:24 ET

I really don't have anything to write. I'm just procrastinating on cleaning my house....

Bluhhhh :P
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