Playing in the Rain2007-07-30 08:15:27 ET


It Storming2007-07-30 05:33:04 ET

I love storms, and I really wish that I could go outside and play in the rain, but with a two year old running around its not really a good idea, and I'm not taking her out with the risk of her getting electricuted.

Maybe after it stops storming we can go play in the puddles. I don't know when its supposed to stop though. Hopefully it will before I have to go to work today.

I am both sad and relieved that this is my last week at Victoria's Secret. I really liked working there and all the people I worked with were great, and thats definately something that you don't always get. Plus the 30% discount was really nice too. lol I definately stocked up on the sexy stuff for when Quinten gets home. :P I'm relieved because if I don't feel like going anywhere I won't have to and I will be able to save more money that way. I won't have to pay a sitter, or for gas, or parking, or for all those pretty things that I walk by 1,000 and decide sure I'll buy it when I get off work. Its been the best job I have had though, and I hope when I start looking for a job again I can find one I enjoy just as much.

My electricity is flashing...never a good sign.

Any who...Quinten's ship leaves FL I won't get to talk to him everyday like I have been, and he is gone for another 7 weeks aprox. I can't wait to have him home so I can wrap my arms around him. He's spoiled me these last couple of weeks.

Well guess I don't have much else to say, so audios.

Its upseting...2007-07-29 11:49:24 ET

When you go for help about something and they laugh at you. When I showed the nurse the spot on my back she laughed at me and asked are you serious? Then the doctor came in and said "they are freckles" so I even have more than one spot on my back, that neiter me, my husband or my mom recall being there before. I know that I have freckles I have had them my entire life, but I have never had any on my back. I told them my history of bad burns and they still just acted like it wasn't a big deal at all and sent me out of the office. I felt like a total and complete idiot. I did however find an awesome article while I was waiting for the doctor to come see me. "Building the 21st Century Soldier" it about different things that they have come up with to make our troops function on no sleep and in high temps where the normal human body would become to fatiged to function. Its pretty freaking amazing. Its in the March 2007 issue of WIRED. Any ways I said I would post some of the pictures of Sage. If you would like to see them click the comment button.

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