More Worries2007-07-29 06:59:15 ET

So I was looking in the mirror after my shower last night and I happened to notices a light brown mole on my back. I tried to get a better look at it but its hard to do when you have a sink in the way.

I never remembered haveing a mole, so I called my husband and he said he didn't remember me having one either. So I have an appointment today to get it checked out. I have had a ton of bad sunburns in my life, and its bigger than a pencil eraser and its an irregular shape, so its got me paranoid. We shall see what they say today.

In happier news today, I actually got some good pictures of my daughter today! Lately its been really hard to get any kind of picture of her because she is so darn buisy. She is going to be 2 in about 3 months. Its so crazy. I'll post some of the pictures later on today after my doctors appointment.
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Casey2007-07-28 09:44:33 ET

I'm watching a friends cat for him while he is over in Iraq. He's so freaking pretty, but he sheds A LOT!

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Suicide Girls(SG)2007-07-28 06:52:35 ET

I was thinking of applying to become one. I figure I can take my own pictures or Quinten could help me out. I think it would be so much fun, and Quinten already said it would be cool being able to say my wife is a SG. I don't know if I should wait for a while until my diet really kicks in or go ahead and apply now. I know I am hefty, but some of the girls on there are a bit bigger as well and I know I'm pretty. That sounds so conceited. I didn't mean it to, but I feel that I am attractive enough to be a SG. I'm excited about it, I really hope they "hire" me.

Think I got what it takes? HaHaHa

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