In A Dark Place2007-07-26 19:17:10 ET

Just watched that movie and I got totally confused. I guess its based off a book. I think that maybe if I read it, it might make things a bit more clear.

Anywho, I went to the docotor to have them take a look at my wrist, wich is really bothering me, and I waited half an hour in the room just to have him tell me I needed a brace. Its been bothering me for over a month and they didn't do anyting to really look at it. I guess if its not better soon I will go back.

Quinten will be home in 8 1/2 soon but so not soon. He's been gone for so freaking long I just want him to get home. I think it will make things a lot easier.

So I have really been itching to do some sort of fashion photoshoot, and I have ideas but none of the necessities for it. I need makeup clothes least one. I'm kinda frustraited.

Ughhh...sorry I feel kinda fragmented and disconected. Thats probably the reason this is the way it is. I'll fix the numerouse spelling mistakes later.

White Crow Info?2007-07-24 18:58:27 ET

I could find hardly anything about white crows, I even looked on wiki. I found something that said it was a mythical bird thought of as a good omen in India, but the picture below was not photoshoped and i have found a couple of other pictures of white crows. Some may suffer from albanism, but the crow in the picture has blue eyes not red. Does anyone know if blue eyes can be a trait of albanism? I know there are verying types of albanism in humans...I may even have a form of it. Oculocutanious albanism type two. I carry the majority of the traits.My friend actually found that out and he thinks that it is very likely that I have it. Anyways my eyes are a very pale blue naturally. So maybe that has something to do with why the crows eyes are blue. If anyone finds anymore information on the white crow, could you send me the link or let me know what you find out? It would be appreciated. :)

Never seen this before...2007-07-24 18:42:57 ET

Photo taken by *khaosdog
They are a very talented artist so I would check out their page on dA. :)

So I thought that this was really neat. I never knew that white crows existed. Its a really pretty bird. The picture also made me think of my friend, who is very fond of crows.I am going to have to find out some more information about these creatures. :)

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