White Crow Info?2007-07-24 18:58:27 ET

I could find hardly anything about white crows, I even looked on wiki. I found something that said it was a mythical bird thought of as a good omen in India, but the picture below was not photoshoped and i have found a couple of other pictures of white crows. Some may suffer from albanism, but the crow in the picture has blue eyes not red. Does anyone know if blue eyes can be a trait of albanism? I know there are verying types of albanism in humans...I may even have a form of it. Oculocutanious albanism type two. I carry the majority of the traits.My friend actually found that out and he thinks that it is very likely that I have it. Anyways my eyes are a very pale blue naturally. So maybe that has something to do with why the crows eyes are blue. If anyone finds anymore information on the white crow, could you send me the link or let me know what you find out? It would be appreciated. :)

Never seen this before...2007-07-24 18:42:57 ET

Photo taken by *khaosdog
They are a very talented artist so I would check out their page on dA. :)

So I thought that this was really neat. I never knew that white crows existed. Its a really pretty bird. The picture also made me think of my friend, who is very fond of crows.I am going to have to find out some more information about these creatures. :)

I'm blind in one eye2007-07-20 08:28:15 ET

I stayed the night at my friends house last night, and just before I went to bed, my eyes started to burn, so I took out my contacts. Well this morning when I went to clean them and put them back in, my left contact tore. It was my very last pair, and my glasses were snapped in half a while ago because I forgot to take them off when I was wrestling around with a friend of mine. I have and eye doctors appointment at 5:20 today, but until them I am stuck with only being able to see out of one eye. Of course I am left eye dominant so it had to be the left contact that tore. I am getting such a head ache from it. I hope they can fix it before I get a migrane.

Every thing just seems to be happening at once, I lose a friend, the whole finacial thing bites me in the rear and now this wich is going to cost us money that we don't have. I found a really cheap pair of frames that look really nice on, but that plus the contacts(just the trial pairs) is going to cost me about 100.00 The bank has screwed us over too and I just really feel like giving up. I know I can't though because of Sage. I know that bad always comes with the good, but I wish it were a little more dispersed instead of all the bad stuff happening at once.

I guess that there is some good stuff that came out of this. My husband and I are fine...he told me this. "This whole situation has really made me look at us, and I realised that it doesn't matter how much money we have or what we have only that we have each other." I cried. I cried because I was happy and I cried because I was relieved. It really made me realize just how lucky I am. :)

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