Goals and Dates2011-01-25 08:56:35 ET

By june 22 I will have swam a total of 78 miles in the gym pool. Thats the length of lake Michigan from Grand Haven MI to Milwakee WI. I'm super excited to do this and I started today. I swap a total of 42 links so I only have 5,106 more to go. I will ccontinue to swim at least 33 links a day until Quinten gets home.
Speaking of Quinten getting home...


Its official2011-01-23 09:28:59 ET

I got my vaca days approved I'm goin to New Orleans in March!!!

Better2011-01-21 13:45:33 ET

Actually getting out of the house did help. I came home and cleaned my living room and now I am listening to music. I am in a fairly Jazzy/piano mood so I am listening to...Christina Perri, Nora Jones, and Sara Bareilles. I'm content at the moment. :)

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