Weekend Roadtrip2011-01-15 05:48:20 ET

In OH visiting friends. I'm staying with my friend Daniel and I am going to have lunch with Dr. Hex or dinner rather...I'm excited. We are headed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame here in a few min. :) ITs going to be a fun weekend.

Also I got another microdermal. :)

Looking forward to2011-01-10 12:48:11 ET

Jan. 20th, Feb. 25th and March 3rd!!!

Jan. 20th I am taking my FIL, Teresa, Sage and her uncle Atticus to see the GLobe Trotters. It will be so much fun!

Feb. 25th is my b-day and I will be spending a FABULOUSE weekend with my friends!

March 3rd I will be making a drive down to New Orleans!!! Not only will I get to party the whole week, I will get to see a friend who I haven't seen in 3 or 4 years!!!


6 months2011-01-02 10:14:19 ET

My husband comes home in June. It can't get here soon enough. I miss him so much and its getting harder and harder to cope with. I find myself in mood where almost anything can make me burst into tears. I'm terrified that when he comes home they are going to send him to a duty station that will be going on a deployment. Korea isn't considered a deployment so they technically can send him right back over seas. I think I will lose my mind if that happens.

On a dif. note we have talked about baby number two for a while. We tried before he left, but were unsucessful. Starting now I am going to get my body baby ready. I have been looking at all the foods that should be eaten during pregnancy, and am going to start taking a prenatal vitamin. I have made an appointment with the doctor to get a check up and am going to start being a lot more active. Its not about losing the weight any more although that is part of it, I want to make sure that I can get pregnant and that I will have a non complicated pregnancy when I do get pregnant.

I am sure that it won't happen right away but I just have to accept that I am doing my part and when/if God is ready for us to have another baby it will happen.

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