So busy(BIG picture post)2010-11-07 05:42:17 ET

I have been in constant go mode for the past few days, and I am finally getting some time to myself. Its nice. I think this is pretty much going to be a straight picture post starting with the 5 year portraits I took of my little one. :)

This is Sage with a couple of her friends. They had a blast posing for the camera together. :)

Sage's birtday cake. I didn't even know what it was going ot look like but I was very pleased. :)

We got to dress up for Halloween at the office. I didn't have tons of money to go all out on a costume so I just go devil horns, and worked with those. The next night I went out with my friends as a black kitty cat. It was a lot of fun. My Friend Sasha had come into town and its always a party when that happens. :P

The group of us. We are all ready for the Halloween festivities! :D

This is me and my friend Ashly with a VERY creepy clown. He was just walking up and down the street making weird noises. We had to get a picture with him. LOL

The next day my friend Jeremy (the one in the toga) came over and we got out some of our toys and had some fun. This is him with his 30 30.

Miss Sage went trick-or treating as an angel, she had 4 adults with her because 3 of my friends tagges along. It was a lot of fun.

Monday my friend Daniel came to visit. He lives in VA and so its always nice when he comes to see me. We did a lot of shopping and we got to eat SUSHI!!! It had been forever, and I enjoyed myself quite a lot. :P

Naked Tchopstix is the place we went to eat. They just got a new one in Ft. Wayne.

Our order. It all was sooo good. MMM I want to go back SOON! :)

It really was delicious.

Daniel left this morning, and now its just me and Sage. Its nice to have the house to ourselfs again even though I will miss haveing Daniel around. I wish that both him and Sasha lived closer. Oh well such is life. I had a very busy Oct. and it seems that Nov. is going to be the same way! All I can say is bring it on! :)

My litte girl2010-10-19 03:25:55 ET

turned 5 today, and I cried.

5 months

To 5 years

My two favorites:2010-10-14 14:49:37 ET

I only had enough room left to upload two pictures from the concert. These are my two favorites.

Matt Bellamy of Muse. He was using his guitar to amplify a spot light and shined it into the crowd around the arena. It was a really neat effect.

My favorite. I love this shot of the stage. :)

It was a really great night.
p.s. I think my cat peed on my boot. It stinks. > <

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