Goodbye my Love2010-10-14 03:54:29 ET

Goodbye Goodbye I will miss you dearly. It breaks my heart to have to let you go. LOL I am talking about food. NO more sweets unless its special occasions. I will also not be eating out. This will serve a couple of purposes...1 of course that food is no good for me, and 2 it will get me off my lazy ass because I will actually have to get up and fix something.

In additon to ending my love afair with food, I am beginning one with working out. I used to flirt around with the idea, some weeks making it to the gym twice a week, some weeks onc, e and then I would go for a couple weeks without doing anything. Now I am dedicating myself to this relationship and I am going to do SOMETHING 6 days a week. Hopefully getting to the gym 2-3 times a week and then doing my PCDs work out at home when I can't make it. The best thing about doing my work out at home is I can wear my heals and give my legs an extra bit of a work out. I think I am going to post a new picture every two weeks with a progress report of lbs or inches lost. Maybe that will help keep me motivated. Its going to take time, and patience is not something I have, so hopefully I won't get discourage. By this time next year I hope to be at least 100lbs lighter, or 4 dress sizes smaller. So hear goes to being in a serious relationship with working out and making myself a better person. <3

MUSE <32010-10-13 06:05:32 ET

The concert last night was amazing. :)

Going to spam my page...2010-10-12 09:20:14 ET

with mah face!!! LOL


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