Happy and safe new year
2010-12-31 19:21:50 ET

Have a happy and safe 2011.

self illusion
2010-12-30 00:59:30 ET

It seems rather benial that I would blog some dischordant mumbo jumbo about how I feel about shit, but im at a point where I feel I need to say something about my instabilities as a father and as a person. Despite all the great things I got going for me (my wife and children) I still find myself spiralling out of control with my "habit" in way too much excess. I cant help but feel stupidly insubstantial with my becomming as a human being, even as I type this out it seem so stupid that I would go on with such rubbish, I pray that its not comming off as whiney or "woe is me" Tis not attention or affection that im looking for but mearely a means to vent my frustration because quite frankly i feel like im about to explode. Through a self examination of my self I must come to terms that im too much chaotic in a society deemed so proper. Im too megalomaniacal in situations where I should "blend in" with everything else. I have hurt everyone that has loved me, and love the thigs that hurt me. I suppose that before I can change anything else, I must first find change and get over myself.

my luck is a changin
2010-08-02 11:20:39 ET

Well this week has certainly started in the right direction, first off my fiancee and i went to the doctor thursday to find out that she is 13 weeks into her pregnancy! its too early to identify the gender of the little bugger. Im pretty stoked but i believe im gonna get snipped after this one. Secondly i finally got appointed the assistant manager position i had been working my ass off for the last 16 months. And lastly but not leastly i got a jailbroke iphone for $110. I hope my giddy and juvinal bounce around has not been to mindnumbing to you, the reader.

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