2010-07-12 16:40:41 ET

This list is by no means in order...atrax morgue, amber asylum, frontline assembly, ministry, nine inch nails, merzbow, autechere, dada art movement of the early 1900s, clive barker, steven king, salvador dhali and surrealism, skinny puppy, william burroughs, tim learey, horror movies of the 80s. Im sure this list is not done yet

influences continued
2010-07-12 16:39:49 ET

my daughter emma paige, download, otto von shirak, banana sloth, true crime, substance abuse 'im not proud of but has allowed me to keep an open mind as well as made it easier for me to come to realize alot through self examination.'

a continuation
2010-07-10 14:04:54 ET

In regards to my previous post, i can understand to an extent why artists get so furious about their albums being pirated, but what i dont understand is why it is such a tremendous deal when most album sales are credited to the producers and engineers. Especially when most of the bands profits are made through merch and ticket sales. Perhaps im being to critical.

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