just a thought..
2010-06-28 08:05:01 ET

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, i would still bitch about the weather.

why i do it
2010-06-20 22:34:22 ET

Music is my life, i know it sounds cliche but i have my reasons for saying so. Industrial music is appealing to me forw the simple reason that my personality is as crazy as the sounds i listen to and create. Its kind of like a dr. Jeckyl mr. Hyde complex in the sence that im a rather introverted and reserved person on the outside. But i deal with heavy issues of insecurity, it seems vain but its troubling. So i look to making music as a positive release of negitive energies. My sound is multi-dimensional, but lyrically my approach of self examination comes off as one sided. You be the judge.

random dead poetry
2010-06-07 14:53:11 ET

Ode to the sky above set abaze disfigured ragdoll change for the bus next stop the current haze. Indifference breathes second wind into the dictators agenda set up their rights up against whats wrong when will it end. Chainsaws eat rubber bark as mother nature beats the whipping boy crying over gallons of spilled oil future denied of the past unrealized. That means you to bp, exxon valdez now you get yours.
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