happy birthday emma
2010-07-20 19:44:26 ET

Happy birthday to my daughter emma paige who turns 4 today, and it truly begs the question where does the time go?

my personal top 10 of all time
2010-07-19 09:56:48 ET

10. Kmfdm vs. Skold 9. Nine inch nails-year zero 8. Skinny puppy-last rites 7. L7-hungry for stink 6. Brian eno-taking tiger mountain 5. Frontline assembly-millinium 4. Atrax morgue-sikness report 3. Download-the eyes of stan pain 2. Skinny puppy-too dark park 1. Nine inch nails- the downward spiral
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2010-07-14 11:36:01 ET

I hope to not give the impression that i am trying to plug my material just posting for all to check oup. Please feel free to post critisim both good and bad. My sideproject: myspace.com/speedkontrol earlier material: acidplanet.com/faktor

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