2010-07-09 19:17:05 ET

I just wanted to throw my opinion out on a rather old subject. I dont even know if anyone still cares about 'illegal downloading' of mp3's or not. From my prespective, file sharing networks have opened an opprotunity for self produced works to be exposed in a manner that would otherwise be difficult for exposer i.e. Being at the mercies of radio stations and labels. In hindsight the purpose of these networks have eliminated obscurity in a large number of acts...

happy 4th
2010-07-03 20:46:15 ET

On behalf of everyone at club fracture fiction, have a safe and fantastical 4th o' july.

2010-07-02 15:10:17 ET

I must say i am rather pleased with the function of this site. True enough you can use space to tell everyone what you had for lunch but as far as networking is concerned, ive accomplished more on this site <thank you turbo, dj 5arah> in three weeks than ive done in five years lol.

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