2009-06-28 11:52:50 ET

ok so im trying to get in the mood for some sexings and im viewing bad porn clips on this site because im too lazy to find anything good, and this one is starting out with this guy reading the sports section on the toilet, yelling through the door, "look, sweetheart, i take a crap twice a week. this is the first one of the week. lemme alone."

i am soooo turned on.
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2009-06-25 13:55:04 ET

i have a huge boner for bradley cooper.

2009-06-15 22:33:09 ET

i'm glad my grandma is one of those "too old to learn" people because i just checked out a friend's facebook and she said "fuck" in an update and her grandpa replied with "watch the language"

old people + internet = :(

in my nothing you meant everything to me
2009-06-13 20:08:11 ET

list of words i have deemed cute:

WOTLK is taking 50 years to install. i suppose doing a bunch of other shit while it does its thang isnt helping matters, but there is absolutely nothing on TV right now.

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2009-05-15 12:10:45 ET

hey, guess who wants to hire a recent high school graduate with body piercings and no work experience?



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