she dreams in digital
2009-03-12 17:30:49 ET

ok, so my car is a total pimp mobile/sex machine.

it's a 1988 caprice and looks like this, except tan

i just went to the gas station and got a soda and burrito for dinner, and upon coming home saw this gold SUV parked smack dab on the line, taking up half of each space on either side.

my question to this person, and anyone who does the same or feels the way i do about it, is....WHY?

is my car the only one with a reverse function? what is so urgent inside your apt that you can't take an extra 10 seconds to back up and straighten out? do you not know how? how did you get a license in the first place?

i suppose i would be a lot less frustrated about this if the car was super badass, or something. like, if it were a porsche, i would totally understand. but it's just a run of the mill, mediocre SUV that you see twenty times in any walmart parking lot.

so, i left a passive aggressive note. i generally like to avoid doing this in any situation, especially in my lot because there is a video camera and i don't want to make waves with the management, but i am so, so tired of having to take a shitty parking spot on the opposite side of the lot just because some jackass doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself.

i even had to write it on 2 blank pages from my check register, because i forgot my notices. yes, i actually carry them. people who can't park decently drive me absolutely insane.

please please please let me get what i want
2009-02-24 08:09:35 ET

the other day i saw a bumper sticker on an SUV that said "you are a snail." that's it. no pictures or anything. i am excited at the prospect of being a gastropod, but somewhat confused as to how the fact could have eluded me all these years. if only i had some way of contacting the driver of that jeep...

its finally starting to warm up outside. right now it's 50 something and im wearing shorts with my window open. i cannot fucking wait for spring.

i should be getting my car sometime soon, it's a 1984 chevy caprice, AKA pimp mobile. i'm going to jazz it up with zebra print seat covers and lime green fuzzy dice. hopefully after that i'll be able to get a job. my job searching really depresses me. nobody ever calls me back. it's probably because i'm 18 and have no prior job experience, but everyone has to start somewhere, y'know? i'm applying for so-called entry level positions and i'm more than qualified for the call center stuff, i wish they would just schedule a goddamn interview or test or some shit and see for themselves. blah. i've even applied at hot topic *shudder* like 20 times and they don't call me either. it's probably because i don't listen to jeffree star.

oh well, if worse comes to worst i'll just live at home until i'm 50 and become a serial killer, plastering the walls of my 7x9 room with pictures of models with the eyes scratched out.

screw law school. THAT is the ultimate after high school plan.

something so worthless serves a purpose
2009-02-11 10:03:45 ET

dear food network:

bobby flay is adorable. give him more shows.

this gigantic bleach blonde bowling shirted homo

needs to STOP getting shows.

thank you.

he came from outer space to save the human race
2009-01-31 21:39:55 ET

i dont have much to say here since i just made a long post, but today was 50 degrees and sunny and i drove home with the windows down.

god, its been so long since ive felt a nice breeze blow through my hair. today was PERFECT.

lift up the receiver, i'll make you a believer
2009-01-26 18:04:57 ET

well, when it rains, it pours.

my computer is broken again. it randomly shut off in the middle of a game of warcraft last night and won't turn back on. i have fucking had it with the shitty service of the company i bought it from, it took them 2 months to fix it last time and that only lasted a few. its less than a year old and its been nothing but trouble. im waiting until we get our federal tax refund and getting it fixed locally, fuck that noise. if you are in the market for a new computer, do NOT buy from spread the word!

i was also looking forward to restarting FF8 (my fav one <3) earlier but ive had it so long, played it so many times, and admittedly neglected taking care of the disc that my PS2 wouldn't read it, so i started silent hill 4 again instead.

so now i am jonesing for video games since i am now final fantasy, warcraft, and sims-less. blaaaaah.

not to mention that my mom has ascemic optical neuropathy in her eye again, that's just fancy talk for blurred vision because her optic nerve isn't receiving enough oxygen. there's nothing we can do to fix it, just wait for the swelling to go down. hooray for even more doctor bills.

on the bright side, i'm supposed to get my car soon, it looks like i will graduate on time, and hopefully i'll get a call about this good call center job i really want - i'm beyond qualified for it, really. sitting on my ass typing and answering phones? i was born for that shit.

i also got my first tattoo for my birthday, a simple black outline on my left hand. my mom got the same one. it's a triangle, square, and circle that i've been drawing on her for ages, so we decided to get them as a little private joke and symbol of our friendship and love. they're really cute and already people are asking if they mean something special. :)

i'm already planning for my next ones, i tell you, they are an addiction! even more so than my piercings, methinks, but i'm also dreaming up more of those now that nothing's off limits. i'm shooting for my cheeks next, and i do believe my next tattoo will be NIN related.

well i guess that's all the rambling there is to do right now, i'm sure i'll think up some other mindless crap to spew about before long though.

i think im gonna go watch family guy and eat some cheesecake. g'nite!

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