lift up the receiver, i'll make you a believer
2009-01-26 18:04:57 ET

well, when it rains, it pours.

my computer is broken again. it randomly shut off in the middle of a game of warcraft last night and won't turn back on. i have fucking had it with the shitty service of the company i bought it from, it took them 2 months to fix it last time and that only lasted a few. its less than a year old and its been nothing but trouble. im waiting until we get our federal tax refund and getting it fixed locally, fuck that noise. if you are in the market for a new computer, do NOT buy from spread the word!

i was also looking forward to restarting FF8 (my fav one <3) earlier but ive had it so long, played it so many times, and admittedly neglected taking care of the disc that my PS2 wouldn't read it, so i started silent hill 4 again instead.

so now i am jonesing for video games since i am now final fantasy, warcraft, and sims-less. blaaaaah.

not to mention that my mom has ascemic optical neuropathy in her eye again, that's just fancy talk for blurred vision because her optic nerve isn't receiving enough oxygen. there's nothing we can do to fix it, just wait for the swelling to go down. hooray for even more doctor bills.

on the bright side, i'm supposed to get my car soon, it looks like i will graduate on time, and hopefully i'll get a call about this good call center job i really want - i'm beyond qualified for it, really. sitting on my ass typing and answering phones? i was born for that shit.

i also got my first tattoo for my birthday, a simple black outline on my left hand. my mom got the same one. it's a triangle, square, and circle that i've been drawing on her for ages, so we decided to get them as a little private joke and symbol of our friendship and love. they're really cute and already people are asking if they mean something special. :)

i'm already planning for my next ones, i tell you, they are an addiction! even more so than my piercings, methinks, but i'm also dreaming up more of those now that nothing's off limits. i'm shooting for my cheeks next, and i do believe my next tattoo will be NIN related.

well i guess that's all the rambling there is to do right now, i'm sure i'll think up some other mindless crap to spew about before long though.

i think im gonna go watch family guy and eat some cheesecake. g'nite!

get a shoe thrown at me by a mean old man
2009-01-23 07:49:00 ET

HA i just found out something awesome.

i worked at a gas station for a while about a year ago and one night some strung out looking fat bum came in and bought a whopping $5 worth of gas, and came back in whining that it didn't work, trying to con some free gas out of us. my more experienced coworker verbally kicked his ass and told him it wasnt gonna work, apparently he's pulled that shit before, and he left.

she tried to explain to me who he was, apparently he is the brother of some once-famous guitarist and he is now jobless and mooching off the royalties from his dead brother's music.

anyway, back to right now. i was randomly browsing wikipedia when i decided to check out the entry for my city and under the famous people section was TOMMY BOLIN, and a light clicked in my head... holy shit, that's the guy my coworker mentioned! that's the dead dude!

so, i check him out, and he was actually in deep purple for a while. craaazy. i also found out his brother's name, johnny, and googled him and found a picture. SAME DUDE!

so, any fans of johnny bolin, i want you to know, he's a whiny douchebag!

pain and misery always hit the spot
2009-01-10 08:29:37 ET

i am officially a walking pharmacy. or maybe just a drug cart.

i am on:

lexapro 20mg
tetracycline 500mg 2x a day
prenatal vitamin

it doesn't sound like much but compared to some people who take NOTHING daily, i feel kinda bound to it. the tetracycline is supposed to help with my skin, i have to take it on an empty stomach 2x a day either 1 hour before food or 2-3 hrs after. it's such a hassle to remember but i usually don't forget my pills, i figure that there is so little in life i can actually control i might as well take advantage of the little things i have significant influence over. :3

i also got a routine tetanus shot (my first in over 15 years, good thing i haven't come across any rusty nails) and my first injection of the hpv vaccine. my arm is still sore but at least i can avoid cervical cancer now!

now i am going to go take a shower, make some luncheroo, and see what mindless drivel i can find to watch on tv while i study for my driving test. i'll finally be 18 and have my license in less than 2 weeks. schwiiiiing!

heaven restores you in life
2009-01-05 15:13:17 ET

slightly non-PC rant ahead.

heaven knows i'm all for equality, tolerance, and all that wonderful stuff, but how much is really too much? isn't there a time when you have to practice some tough love and say "damn man, i really want to extend you the same courtesy as everyone else, but you just can't handle it yet?"

i was late to school today so instead of sitting in my art class for 10 mins and getting nothing done i decided to go to my MS excel period early. sitting next to me was this kid who was very obviously different, talking to himself and the like. hey, i can handle that, no big deal. i've always been told that talking to oneself is a common trait among deep thinkers, maybe this guy just transcends gifted.

i turned on my ipod and tried to tune it out, but as the period wore down to just a few minutes, he decided he was done for the day and got up and started walking around and literally SCREAMING, just complete nonsense and goofy noises. to my horror, NOBODY said anything to him. i'm not saying a big scene had to be made to draw more attention to his problems, but certainly a "tone it down a little, eh?" could have been awarded.

this brings me to my point, and my question: why?

were my teachers afraid to say anything because they thought it might provoke an "episode?"

were they given instructions from above to allow him to disrupt class? WHY? clearly he is able to function at a somewhat typical level if he is able to take advanced business courses, and DRIVE A CAR (i saw him leaving in the parking lot later)

i am not judging him, i don't even know what ailment he suffers from. i just don't understand why he is allowed to be disruptive. the coin of equality always has two faces, one being his god given right to the same education that i receive, but the other being MY right to expect a fair amount of order in the classroom, knowing that if i were to get up and start running and yelling, it would not be tolerated.

there have GOT to be programs out there that allow people with special needs to both receive a good education AND therapy or skill coaching or something.

i can't help but feel wrong for thinking the way i do about this, but i also think it's because society has programmed the masses into believing that special needs people are 100% equal, when they clearly aren't. i'm not talking human rights or anything like that, man to man of course they're the same, but when it comes to cognitive ability and the way their brain is wired, there is something lacking and that's where the problem lies. get them a special teacher, or counseling, or society integration programs.

in my opinion you are simply setting them up for disaster by allowing them to act out without some sort of correction. how will they function in the workplace? how will they fare when it comes to making friends and finding love? providing a "fair" environment for people with special needs is not simply extending them the same privileges as the unaffected, but also the same rules and punishments.

i really truly do understand that some people have different needs, and i am generally very accommodating, but where do you draw the line?

i've come to this place to rearrange your face
2008-12-28 09:31:27 ET

ugh, i hate people!

my mom forgot about our laundry in the laundry room and went to go get it only to find it thrown onto a counter and some other bitch in there hogging BOTH dryers, so she very civilly confronted her. this is how the exchange took place.

mom: did you take my laundry out?
dumb bitch: yeah, we were waiting for over an hour.
mom: well i was coming back. that was really rude of you.
dumb bitch: yeah well you're rude.
mom: why did did you have to take both dryers? i only use one at a time.
dumb bitch: fuck you. it's too late, i did it. *leaves*

can you see how one-sidedly ridiculous that conversation was? not to mention that her logic fails, considering that since apparently she couldn't do her laundry until my mom's was out, now nobody else can do theirs until HERS is out since she's hogging both units.

stupid, stupid people! >:\
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