riboflavin flavored, non-carbonated, polyunsaturated blood
2008-12-05 09:57:10 ET

blah i am so hopelessly broke. i'm so much better off than some people, i have a warm apartment and all the bills paid but there's barely anything left to live on. i wish i knew what it was like to be deprived of basic needs so when it comes to dire straits like this i would feel blessed instead of cursed.

we got groceries today and we got an extra turkey from one of my mom's co-workers, so at least we won't be hungry for a while, but i went overboard with christmas presents and now i'm overdrawn so i have to come up with $50 out of thin air to cover that.

on top of it, it's like, sub-zero outside and my bridge is pissy, plus i'm using up an old bottle of mouthwash i found and now my tongue piercing is angry too.

i figured out how to fix everything, though. i'm going to tell the make a wish foundation that i have super aids and the only treatment available is a car and a million dollars.

look at my hopes, look at my dreams
2008-12-03 09:55:34 ET

bleh, im going through one of my self destructive "completely unmotivated to do absolutely anything" phases. i hate it when i get like this.

in unrelated news, i had an awesome dream last night that i was an amazing painter and i made a pokemon collage. lolz.

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tell me, how should i feel?
2008-11-27 12:16:56 ET

oh my god, NIN was a-mazing. long story short, people are fucking nuts and were pushing and pushing on me (i was in like the 3rd row, i could literally taste trent's sweat) and i got pushed onto the floor, my head stepped on, fallen on by like 3 people, and i started hyperventilating and almost threw up. but i went and cleared my head and came back for the rest.

boris, the opening act, was really good too. i had never heard of them until last night but it was pretty trippy experimental stuff. neato.

i am so fucking sore too, my mom gave me a vicodin last night to help me sleep. i've got a jellybean shaped bruise on my thigh but other than that i look fine, but goddamn my back hurts.

anyway, i'm home now. ate thxgiving lunch with my grandma and watched i love lucy. my computer is supposed to get back tomorrow.

happy. :)

nothing on the top but a bucket and a mop
2008-11-19 20:36:10 ET

list of items in my fridge:
french onion chip dip
pickled beets
20+ condiments

being broke SUCKS BALLS.

i used to stand for something
2008-11-18 08:49:36 ET

i am getting better and better at meeting and exceeding the stares of people who are frightened by my piercings.

yes, you can look at me, but i will also look at you, and for much longer! LOOK AWAY IN SHAME!!!

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