three you slowly spread the net, and four you catch the man
2008-11-17 19:50:40 ET

ugh it's been a month and a half since I sent my computer in to get fixed, the motherboard was determined defective from the get-go so they had to send it to Asus for a replacement, which takes a month (? why?) it would have been a month 2 weeks ago. it took them 13 days to build the whole computer, why is it taking even longer to install a motherboard?

this whole experience has totally fucked my confidence in ordering shit online. i'm getting tired of calling every couple weeks to find out wtf is going on and i'm sure they're tired of hearing from me, but for $1700 and 300 miles you can bet you're ass i'm going to want some answers.

other than that crappy anxiety in my life right now, things are great. i only need 10 credits to graduate, and i'll be getting a couple more before christmas. i just started excel today, it should be very easy.

also, NIN next week on wednesday!!! *SUPER SQUEAL!*

one you lock the target, two you bait the line
2008-11-13 10:21:46 ET

so this morning at my shrink appointment my dr took it upon himself to comment on the fact that my bridge piercing is perpetually pissed off, and that i should be careful so that the infection that i don't have doesn't travel to my sinuses where it could fester and give me a seizure.

it's also really depressing when people tell me i'm "too smart" to go to cosmetology school. people freely comment on my future and how i should go to law school, or be a doctor, and honestly i am flattered that anyone would think i am capable of it but i am really tired of feeling that one of the biggest decisions of my life is inadequate. leave me alone, assholes.
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and he always puts skippy in my lunch
2008-11-09 14:37:29 ET

oh yeah, i forgot. i also don't have school for 3 days this week because of ITEDs. ah, the joys of being a senior. hello naps.

jesus loves me, he loves me a bunch
2008-11-09 08:45:57 ET

my grandma paid for my hotel room on the night of my nin concert, so when she called today of course she had to ask about it.

this is how the convo went:

grandma: who are you seeing?
me: i dont think you've heard of them
grandma: who is it?
me: nine inch nails
grandma: never angels?
me: no. NINE, like the number nine. INCH. NAILS.
grandma: nine inch nails. oh cortney, is that psychedelic?
me: uh, i dont think so, grandma.
grandma: is it satanic?
me: no, grandma

i still dont know what she meant by psychedelic. then again, this is coming from someone who calls anything more recent than buddy holly "metal."

i've got to be your friend now baby
2008-11-07 05:40:12 ET

man, it's freakin' SNOWING. LAME!!

i cannot wait to get the hell out of this boring bad weather having POS state. alwjbegoaergoaerijlk.

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