2008-08-21 00:33:15 ET

i love SK! it's my (only) favourite place to rant when something pops into my mind!

today's discussion: how much i adore pete burns!

i seriously love this guy so much. he's got such an awesome sense of humour, and he's a walking canvas. if i were male i'd do everything in my power to "get wit dat", if you know what i'm sayin'.

2008-08-15 23:34:29 ET

soooo i've decided to get cosmetic dentistry done when i get money. which will be in 50 years 'cause that stuff's so damn expensive.

i gots me a couple snaggle teefs, but it isn't my fault, i swear. everyone in my family has a tiny mouth; it just ain't big enough for all my teeth to sit nicely side by side so a couple of them have grown in crooked. other than that i've got some nice chompers.

i'm thinking veneers. wheeee.
hooray for teeth!
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2008-08-06 22:31:37 ET

wow man, i just now figured out how to use t9 on my cell phone, and FUCKING WOW is it so much easier than typing shit out.

i'm awesome. :\

2008-08-05 16:47:34 ET

the surgery was a success! she has 3 incisions on her upper abdomen beneath her right breast and one in her bellybutton where they removed the gallbladder. she's still feeling good from the morphine and has a bunch of lortabs to go, plus 2 weeks off work. yay for my mommy!!

i have a killer headache right now, i have no idea why. i took some excedrin earlier but it wont go away. im getting ready to take a nice cool shower and watch a movie with mom, so maybe that will help.

who wants some homemade key lime pie cheesecake!?
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2008-08-02 14:54:20 ET

well, the spots on my mom's pancreas are just extra fat. never in my life have i been grateful to fat, but thanks so much you delicious yellow crap!

they decided to go with a consultation on thursday, surgery is in 3 days on tuesday. they're going with a laparoscopy to remove her gall bladder. hopefully it's a same-day type of thing.

she doesn't feel any pain right now 'cause she's up to her eyeballs on lortabs.
looks like we're gonna get out of this pretty luckily. thanks FSM.

in other news, i've decided to play american mcgee's alice again.
and that means i get to listen to that cheshire cat flirt with me using its sexy malcolm mcdowell-esque voice. *squeals*

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