2008-09-02 11:32:37 ET

yes! i talked my mom into buying me tickets for NIN in november.
*meanwhile, dies in anticipation*


2008-08-21 00:33:15 ET

i love SK! it's my (only) favourite place to rant when something pops into my mind!

today's discussion: how much i adore pete burns!

i seriously love this guy so much. he's got such an awesome sense of humour, and he's a walking canvas. if i were male i'd do everything in my power to "get wit dat", if you know what i'm sayin'.

2008-08-15 23:34:29 ET

soooo i've decided to get cosmetic dentistry done when i get money. which will be in 50 years 'cause that stuff's so damn expensive.

i gots me a couple snaggle teefs, but it isn't my fault, i swear. everyone in my family has a tiny mouth; it just ain't big enough for all my teeth to sit nicely side by side so a couple of them have grown in crooked. other than that i've got some nice chompers.

i'm thinking veneers. wheeee.
hooray for teeth!
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2008-08-06 22:31:37 ET

wow man, i just now figured out how to use t9 on my cell phone, and FUCKING WOW is it so much easier than typing shit out.

i'm awesome. :\

2008-08-05 16:47:34 ET

the surgery was a success! she has 3 incisions on her upper abdomen beneath her right breast and one in her bellybutton where they removed the gallbladder. she's still feeling good from the morphine and has a bunch of lortabs to go, plus 2 weeks off work. yay for my mommy!!

i have a killer headache right now, i have no idea why. i took some excedrin earlier but it wont go away. im getting ready to take a nice cool shower and watch a movie with mom, so maybe that will help.

who wants some homemade key lime pie cheesecake!?
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