she's the devil in disguise
2008-12-27 23:12:27 ET

i finally got around to watching Religulous, and man did I enjoy that.

i won't say anything about what i personally believe other than that i'm 110% atheist, but i do have one question for anyone who feels like answering, be you christian and willing to help or something else and wondering the same thing.

it truly seems to me that most religious people aren't interested in conversing about their faith unless they do most of the talking themselves.

why do religious people get so offended when you ask questions about their faith? are they unprepared to answer questions because they know deep down they have spent more time trusting in god blindly than figuring out the truth themselves?

do they feel it's not anyone else's business what they believe? if so, why are they so quick to pitch jesus when someone will listen?

surely we can all agree that the simplest way to gain knowledge is by seeking answers from those who already know them, so what's the deal with people who supposedly want to spread the word of god not wanting to get their hands dirty with those who doubt?

the drones work hard before they die
2008-12-23 09:37:49 ET

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i know you're fucking someone else
2008-12-13 20:47:34 ET

i love pirating software.
i just got the ms office suite 07 ultimate from TPB and i'm having so much fun with it. if only i owned a business and had to send memos or something. *daydreams*

my mom has promised to visit me in jail. :3

the moon and sun, partners in light
2008-12-12 10:24:30 ET

my hair is... black! i did it myself and actually didnt stain anything this time! CHYESS!

and now my tub is covered in bleach spray to get the dye grime off, the smell is burning the hair off my nostrils. mmm.

i didnt really have anything meaningful to write here, but i felt like making an entry. :/

did you cum? i eat and run. i live for sodomy!
2008-12-09 06:40:18 ET

winter sucks. ive missed 2 days of school this week because of it now.
i want my damn chemistry credit. fuck you, gaia!

i am currently having jimmy dean sausage pancake things and arizona lemon tea for breakfast. nummmmmssss. :3

and i wrapped my mommy's christmas presents, i got her some socks and a new pair of shoes that she's been wanting. kinda lame, but we've always been a "don't get me anything i won't use at least twice a week" family, so she'll like it. and i HATE spoiling surprises but i am so sure that little square one under the tree is my dior perfume :D

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