2004-08-04 21:19:50 ET

noone on here ever comes to my page............come to my page damn you all.

2004-08-04 21:21:13 ET

I come to your page!

2004-08-04 21:24:58 ET

the skull & inverted pentagram theme probably scares people away.

2004-08-04 21:25:07 ET

*lurking around*

2004-08-04 21:29:49 ET

no one comes to mine either...don't feel bad

2004-08-04 21:31:11 ET

i do! you just never update.

2004-08-04 22:19:49 ET

your never on.

2004-08-04 23:13:15 ET

i am here!!!

2004-08-05 00:15:16 ET

<looks around>
<scratches head>
ok so where the fuck's the free cheese i was promised!?

2004-08-05 02:58:50 ET

i just noticed your avatar.. yeah thats an attention grabber.. i'd love to do that to ya mwahahaha.

2004-08-05 04:18:57 ET

wow i should post nonone ever comes to my page more often haha...i never had so many respones haha

2004-08-05 10:37:48 ET

im here, hey, don't look so disappointed

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