YAy    2003-08-15 11:25:41 ET
my day has been made!
so after school my drum player for my band came up to me and since hes going to quit and all that crap the band is falling apart. sad

but he informs me that brandon the guitar player is thinking of quitting too...
but any way i saw this girl that i know and she also likes a bunch of the band that i do and i asked her jokingly if she wanted to be in my band.
so i asked if she played any insturments, and it turns out she plays PIANO!
ohh god that made me soo happy!!
im finly going to be able to start a band!
much like my fave bands...."post rock" thats the sound im shooting for!!!
ahh im soo excited!

wish luck!

 School=Shit    2003-08-14 15:36:49 ET
i swear to god that my school is soo full of shit.

today in Spanish 2 our teacher informed us that people are going to have to be kicked out of classes because their too full. so she asks 3 people to leave..to voulnteer to leave. two people did and so now their is one person that is going to be basicly drafted out of the class.

someone was talking about it in class and they said that 4 people were kicked out of a business class and thrown in FUCKING CALCULS!!! that shit is just fucking wrong!!! they will fail that class. no question about it!

i failed alg.2 but the fucking counclors decide to put me in fucking pre-cal!!! wich is basicly alg.3! fucking morons.

but it gets better!!! the board said that they arent going to hire new teachers!!!!!!!!!!!!! they said "we'll hire one teacher, and then youll just want another one." how fucking stupid are these people! their are like over 1350 kids at the school when it made for only like 1000.

people are fucking stupid!!! its abunch of shit basicly.


but hey i still have a radiohead concert to look forward to! yay!

 OoOoOoOoOoO    2003-08-12 13:54:58 ET
what we feel when noone is there.
what we hate when some one is here.
the life we live is short.
why does it have to be painful.
so many nice things.
and to many bad.
the roundnes of the world.
and the brightnes of the sun.
to be alone.
to be together.
to have fun.
and to cry.
smile for te ones you care about.
love what you can.
while your still alive.


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