Wo    2003-08-23 08:15:06 ET
havent been on, school is killing
things have been crazy

wont you
talk to me?
you may have problems
but so do i
you might not be able
to ignore it
but why wont you try?
i feel you dont love
me anymore
did i make you to happy
i give you no pleasure
i know i dont
if i did
you would care
there is noting other than

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 weard    2003-08-17 08:18:33 ET
i went in a shoe stor yesterday, i had this Sigur Ros shirt on that has the ( ) on it,
and this really big boxer looking guy came up to me and was like
"is that shirt for sigur ros?"
i freaked out
and we had like a 20 min conversation about all my fave bands and his fave bands, it was sooo awsome!!!
i made a new friend!!!

 Job    2003-08-16 10:03:34 ET
im going hunting, job hunting! woo
not excited but i need one. blahh
im off

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