TEARS    2003-08-25 17:47:03 ET
dotn you hate it when a song comes on and brigns back all those nice/bad memories.
system of a down
chop suey!

oh god
i miss and old friend
the times we had together
listing to this song


 feeling    2003-08-25 17:19:19 ET
today was sooo...

ive been ignored by people but oh well
im going to see sarah tomorrow!
im excited about that

and then shes coming home this weekend
even more excitement

i miss her
such a good friend
i can connect w. her soo well

she understands
shes like the older sibling i never had...i guess

 learning    2003-08-24 15:50:35 ET
im sitting in my computer room getting fat
i had 3 slices of pizza and now im eatinmg this
really good
fudge cake

oh well

im hell bent on learning
not just because sigur ros is from iceland
i plan to go there
and i think that
icelandinc would be really cool
to speak
i want to find a good book
on learning it
wish luck


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