blah    2003-09-03 12:19:58 ET
i had my photo class yesterday
it was really cool
the woman taught me alot about my camera
much fun

i woke up this day in much depression
i got up listning to Bjork
and it made me sad
then i saw it was dark and rainy so
that kinda made me happy
i took a shower
got in the car
and had flashbacks
to all the good
times i had last year

how after school i would ride around with sarah
and freeze our asses off getting to her car
so krissy said one day

and how it was just so damn fun to hang out at school
with all the cool people
and spending hours after school wating on my mom to come
and pick me up.

how i had to basicly beg mom half the time
to go and ride around with sarah

alll the good times

now everyones all uptight all the time
no one wants to have fun any more

the school has been taken over by fucking preppy ass people

everyone that is awsome
graduated in the last two years

and all the last cool people will graduate this year

my Senior year is going to scuk soo bad


this is hopefuly what my new haircut will look like
im getting it str8tend tomorrow and
cut fri.

 Roar    2003-09-01 18:29:39 ET
i swear
i fucking hate school

i have 3!!!! fucking quizzes tomorrow in AP US
im fucked

its really going to suck

i want all my friends back

sarah drew this cartoony looking thing above my bed
its carictures of Her, tiffany g., some guy, me, nesa, and brandon.
everytime i look at it i wanna cry, it makes me so happy that i have a friend that would draw something that depicts the things that mean the most to me.
it is the greatest thing that anyone has ever given to me(sarah, weather you know it or not)
to her its a simple stupid drawing
but to me
its a symbol of friendship (cheesy)

im also getting my hair cut on wed
it going to hopefully look good
but i guess well see

i must go study now


 yan    2003-09-01 08:46:52 ET
i hate the end of weekends
it maybe mnonday
but its the end of the long weekend

i really dont want to go to school tomorrow
i want to do what i did all this weekend

scary roadin'

hanging out with sarah, and kandas
getting kicked out of wal mart for taking pictures
(ill post them in the journal if someone will inform me how to)

having a phenominal band pratice

having a hilighter party in my room with sarah tiffany
emily and angela

and now
im sitting at home
doing nothing


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