The band    2003-08-31 16:32:31 ET
we had pratice
for the first time in like 2 months

it went great
i nolonger play bass
i now play guitar

i think were going to get this guy
named ricky
to play bass

it exciting
we worked on a song all day
and we stll dont have lyrics
which means that its a good song!

im so happy
but tired

 YAy, blar poop yay.(this is a long one)    2003-08-30 07:19:17 ET
wo exicteing times
now i have to go through it 2 more times to get all the endings! FUN!!!!
sarahs home!! im soo happy
we went scary roading (scary road hunting) last night!
and got the SHIT scared out of us
..............Story time kiddies!.....................

OK so nathan tell us about this road called Ted Turner Road
and this story behind it....
this husband and wife lived down this road
and one night she freaked out or something
and just killed her husband Tom Turner
and suposidly cut im up and threw him in this well that is down the road
and that there is an old cemetary close to the end of the road
now with my last name being Turner, i was freaked out when we left my house

so we are driving down the road to get there and we have a digital camera and the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack booming
now if youve heard the any of the silent hill soundtracks
you know how freaky they are!

so as we are driving nathan then decides to tell me and sarah about how people have gone down the road
and their headlights would stop working
trees would be in the road
cd players would stop working
and shit like that.......this made me feel sooo much better

we get close to the road and i passed it up
so we had to go and tunr around down the road
by this time it was dusk
just enough light
so we go down the road and there is this big dead branch in the road
so i had to get out and move it

now this is a gravel road
and my jetta is a pavement car
but but she could handle it

so we slowly go down the road
with the SH3 soundtrack still going but turned way down
when all the sudden....the cemetery comes into view

it was very old
and tons of old grave stones
then we noticed a row of white head stones
it was a family

Ted Turner
the dates
World war I


his wife and their two children
once we realized that we had found him
we decided to move on and look at the rest of the cemetery
were waliking along
and im just snapping pics of random stuff
when we come up on this single grave that
was difrent from the others

instead of it being either level or sunken into the ground
it was curved up and made a mound
it seemed to be one of the older graves

so it was me nathan sarah
sarah was in front
nathan middle
and me last coz i was taking pics

we were looking at the grave
sarah was standing at the head i was at the end taking a pic of it
and nathan was walking to sarah

when i heard this really loud POPing sound
at first it poped once and stoped
and i thought
what in the hell was that
then it just kept on
it sounded like something was
chopping a tree or something up...
i froze
then sarah heard it
and told nathan to stop walking

we looked at each other
with the look or horror

sarah said"we need to get the hell out of here"

we stared to walk back to the car
and the poping kept going and it sounded like it was getting closer

we fucking ran to the car so fast
i had left my door open and i stared the car
nathan was barely in the car and i freaking spun out tring to get the hell out of there
but the only playce that i could turn was up the road morei floored it
turned around
and hot tailed it out of there

i stared to snap some pics of behind us
and nathan said to stop and take a pic of this
sign that was nxt to the road
i tool the pic and right after the flash went off
and the pic took
there was this little ball of light
\that kinda moved and then dissappeard kicked ass
were going back tonight


 College life    2003-08-26 17:47:26 ET
i went to see sarah today!
EKU is really kinda cool
i went up to sarahs dorm
and met her roomie, cool

i go to EKU for one day
i can get use to the college life

its going to be fun.

at the moment i have an extreamly bad headache
i thinkim getting sick
i have symptoms of the flu
b4 i get the flu i:
have headache
sore throght
body aches
and kinda a runny nose.....
lucky me
i have all of those

cant wait


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