You know    2003-08-02 16:15:18 ET
when you have those days where you just feel sick all day.
thats me today.
everytime i move i just feel like throwing myself down a
flight of stairs.
i feel somewhat better now... Radiohead just came on the alt rock chan. "just cuz you feel it, dosent mean its there"

so much meaning in those words
music keeps me alive.
its about the only thing that keeps me going is the past few days.
i love music.
"why so green, and lonely, heaven sent you, to me, to me"
did it happen for a reason
no matter what, i can still feel it.

"There, There"

 Booder    2003-08-02 07:58:11 ET
i saw it coming long ago, i miss her, even though shes not gone. shes the best thing thats ever happened to me, and she will be the dotty of my life. i want to hang out with her, and she was THE greatest g/f i've ever had. i dont want what we had to end, but i will accecpt what she had to say, what she wanted. because i still *love* her, nomatter what anyone says or does. i just dont want anything to end. is there still Von? or just Vonbrigši?

 **********    2003-08-01 08:26:54 ET
it never ends.


ég gaf ykkur von sem varš aš vonbrigšum... žetta er įgętis byrjun.


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