2005-11-15 10:24:12 ET
interpol is my music choice for the day/

im sitting outside
in the air
listening to them
its nice

tonight im going with the kids to see bright eyes.
im kinda excited about that

i wish jasper were going.
but no
he is not

oh well to sad for me
not like it matters .

i do need to buy a pack of smokes before i go


 yum    2005-11-13 16:33:33 ET
i am totally standing in the kitchen

totally boiling water

and totally making Thick n' Creamy Mac and cheese

 Fuck that    2005-11-11 05:05:43 ET
yeah i am dropping my Math 121 class
it is a waste of my time
and i have a shitty grade in there anyway

i really am thinking college (or maybe just regular college) is not for me

i fucking want to strangle my English teacher (no joking i have thought to do it many times in class)

I hate her.

and so that is my small rant

also i am starving

and also i need some sort of Colin Cleansing i think.

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