Hurraa    2006-08-05 17:16:07 ET
Well i moved again

i now live in the middle of Downtown

the apartment is coming together too

josh has been helping me alot here as of late

i was SUPER sick last week so i went home to heal

(also i had no where to live)

im going to have some pics of the apartment here soon

and what i get to look at when i look out the window

(Blue Building)

this apartment is so nice
and cheap

i love it

i may not have a job at Alfalfa now

one of the managers called me and i didnt awnser

he said that i was late and that i was in the "Shit Can"

but they knew i was to stay out of work the rest of this week

and there was someone that said they would cover my shift


im kinda pissed about that little thing

ashton moved too

she lives about 2 blocks away

shes having a party tonight

so josh and i are headed over there

josh is taking a shower

and he is singing

as usual

and it is cracking me up


well all is well these days for those who want to know

much love from me to all


 Gar    2006-07-25 15:00:18 ET

he went home for a few days.

i am saddened

but im thinking i might go see him tonight or tomorrow.

i only have one job now

i kinda just quit the other one because it began to suck much

and it was boring


i guess im going to take a shower
and hope that he calls me

he hasnt all day



 *smiles*    2006-07-20 12:53:26 ET
it has become so easy for me to smile now

he is in the shower

and he is so into it!

and all i can do is Laugh and smile because he is SOOO into singing

"I am beautiful
in every single way"

he sings

and i laugh

i cant help being the happiest i have ever been in my life.

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