2006-09-29 08:42:29 ET
not having money sucks

and when you have bills to pay it sucks even more than sucking.

 Running around to find who i am    2006-09-06 07:54:24 ET
i cut my hair off yesterday.

amazing huh

i now have a very nicely styled Faux Hawk

never thought i would have one of those
but i do

i meant to take a picture to post but i forgot
because im stupid

im sitting at my work
using the internet on my comp

since i dont have the net at my apartment right now
i have to rely on other peoples wireless nets

which is ok

free net for me.

Josh works here with me now
hes working right now

oh how i (Heart) him

he makes me happy

i realized something this morning
with me cutting my hair
i feel like a new person

its great

i think maybe having that big curly mop on my head
was dragging me down

now that i have a shorter cut
i feel more.....alive? maybe..

with cutting of that hair
was like cutting all that shitty shit i went though a few months ago out
never to return

happy yays

there is someone is being towed in front of the restaurant
man that sucks to be them.

today is the first Wednesday of the month
which means that its street cleaning day on my street

they have signs up that says "No Parking on the first Wednsday of the month"
well im parked where i always am
and i havent been towed yet

ill probably get home to find i have no car
that would suck balls.

oh well

im thinking about getting some soup.

maybe Tomato Bisque.

its really good.

ok time for me to mail mom.


 Ah    2006-08-25 19:33:04 ET
i at a party
where i just feel awkward
im in a room just listing to music

as people are running around having a good time

everything has been going so well here recently
but i want to cry


but i just can never

evryone is drunk but me

Im driving
so i cant drink
till i get home

and im ready
to go home

becuase this is boring

and everyone thinks im being anti-social

im not

just sad

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