Winning    2006-07-19 05:59:34 ET
You lay next to me

I have never felt the amount of joy and hope
that fills me now

the light strains through the window shades
the room is cool with conditioned air

your lightly freckled face resting near me
pale and beautiful

i probrobly should be at work by now
but i give my life to be able to just lay here with you

you are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me
you have turned me into someone else

as you dream beside me
i fall in love each time i look.

 *faint*    2006-07-13 16:43:22 ET
oh sigh

how my life is changing
and how happy i am now.

not only has Josh made my life force glow
but i am just all around happy with everything

(even though im still living in this fucking house)

i have been doing better than i have in many a year

i am loosing my extra weight
and slimming up more
(in a good way
not a anorexic way)

and im happy all the time
(isnt that amazing?)

i dont mind work
(holy crap)

and i just feel AWESOME

i dont think i have felt this good ever really.

oh well

just wanted you people to know whats up

im off to clean the room
and wash clothes


 How Life Has Changed.    2006-07-03 16:20:13 ET
I have gone through the most amazing change in the last week

Thomas and i are OVER.
and i have nothing else to say
its done.

after being shat upon for so long
i dont care

(one week ago)
i met someone

and in the last week
i have been reborn basically
i have remembered who i am
i remember what i stand for
what my life is about

i found someone that thinks like i do
someone who understands the things i say
and why i say them

someone who is eccentric
and will take time to think
but is also spontaneous

how amazing last week was.

i hope this week is as glorious.

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