2006-06-05 09:31:32 ET

Im exhausted

     2006-05-24 15:52:50 ET
David Bowie

rocks my face off.


     2006-05-22 21:05:27 ET
i can never win

i drive a red Chevy Pickup now
the rental.

it drives ok though

costs $54 to fill it up

right now
the only thing that makes me happy
it the new Kitty

her name is

(said ee-loon)

she is so sweet

i switched her cat litter today from the regular stuff
to that Crystal crap

she is still yet to take a shit in it
but shell pee

Oh she is so sweet
i <3 Her.

thomas makes me nuts

i went to Mia's tonight
and he was a jeark

i told him one of his Ex'es was cute
he replied with something i wont even post on SK
but it was something regarding the size of his Fun Sausage
and it pissed me off

Now Elune is sitting on my stomach watching me type this
(im laying on the bed)
she Purrs and says "Hello SK."

i know
i read her mind.

and then she almost fell off the bed.

Thomas is on his way home now
i must go.

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