2006-05-02 13:13:07 ET
I got a kitten a week and a half ago
i took care of her
fed her

began to raise her

i loved her

today when i came home from work

she had died.

Ill miss you.

 oh no.    2006-04-25 14:08:09 ET
i cant beleave it

but it has happened.



 wow!    2006-04-19 09:28:17 ET
if its not one thing its the next..

so monday night i was out watering the flowers
and i was having a really good day

it was about 9 30 pm
so it was dark and was putting the water hose
so i could come inside and eat and watch tv

but no

as i was walking to the back door

i stepped on a damn nail

and then hit the ground.

not only was it a nail
but there was a little board connected to it

so nick called 911

an ambulance came

and i got to ride in it to the ER

they took an x ray and found that the nail went in over an inch into the arch of my foot

so they took me back
drugged me up

numbed my foot

and just jerked it out

made me lay there as an IV dripped into me for an hour
and then just sent me home...

i have the x ray which i will post soon

so now im on
and those make me feel all good

so anyway

no work for me for a while
coz i cant walk.

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