Yum    2006-03-11 10:09:24 ET
I just had a pint of Guinness
and it was very good

im off till monday so yay

thom is acting weird

and i dont like it

it upsets me


     2006-03-10 06:04:50 ET
i really wish that spring would hurry and get here
thanks to thomas i really want to garden

i already have some herbs growing
that makes me happy.


were thinking of going out west
(Thom and I)
this summer

take a trip and just drive to Seattle

camping the whole way

i think it would be fun
to be around that much nature


i don't know what else to say

 arg    2006-03-02 10:06:19 ET
i get a damn headache every day now
at around 2 every damn day

it sucks

i have been drinking alot of water
and it makes me feel good
and stuff....

i dont have alot to say other than i am going to get sushi later

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