Oblivion and KH 2    2006-03-20 16:58:58 ET
so its mine and kandess's anniversary it will be two years we've been going out just thought i would let everyone know.

so me and kandess went to gamestop (yes james i know what your going to say gaystop.....) and reserved the elder scrolls: oblivion and Kingdom Hearts 2 thought i would let everyone know

 untitled    2006-03-14 23:42:49 ET
every note laced in curves,every chord to caress every line,
to rub a finger through every strand of hair,
and hold close the heat in every touch
to breathe in every moan
and kiss every doubt that you should be somewhere else.

well today has been pretty good ive not had any complaints i guess
well.....it has been boring but besides that its been good currently writting new atuff so im glad for that ive actually been feeling really creative lately have you ever just went through thoses weeks where you just feel like your void of any creativity thats how i felt till recently
well thats about it hope everyone is haveing a good week

 that sounds like heaven to me    2006-03-13 00:44:32 ET
.........i wish i could fly..........
.........rest on a cloud and watch the stars...........

 Issues, more randomness    2006-03-08 22:35:43 ET
i want you to show me more
than an out of work lie
tell me why im inportant
is it to muffle the screams of your....
your insecurities
do you hide behide me to make yourself feel ok
i didnt mean to mistake you for a man
only cowards need shelter from the truth

hello everyone my day has went ok i guess
i missed kandess she went to take tina (for those of you that dont know thats her mom) to the hospital she's ok something wrong with her eyes you'll have to talk to kandess for more information about it
but today has been good ive been listening to Academy Is... new Hawthorne Heights, Relient K, and new Taking Back Sunday
if youve not heard them you should its good stuff
have you ever had one of those days were you feel like a constant deja vu
those days are always weird well now that im done with my randomness i wish everyone a lovely night

 tonight    2006-03-06 20:45:52 ET
.....i love the way the sky smiles at me tonight.....

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