We're so far away    2006-01-14 00:57:39 ET
3 posts,
i love this song its by Mae

"We're So Far Away"

Remembering, everything,
about my world and when you came.
Wondering, the change youíd bring,
means nothing else would be the same.
Did you know, what you were doing, did you know.
Did you know how you would move me well,
I donít really think so.
but the night came down and swept us away.
and the stars they seemed,
to paint the most elaborate scene to date.

How could we know? that song, this show,
we'd learn so much about ourselves.
From Toledo, to Tokyo,
the words were scribed on every page,
and now thereís books up on our shelves.
Did you know how you would move us, did you know?
When the lights first came upon us,
and we saw The Everglow.
and the moment's magic swept us away.
and the young mans dream was almost seen so plain.

When was the night
that showed us the sign?
Revealed in the sky, to leave all behind.
But where to begin? throwing caution to the wind,
We reached for the stars, everything was now ours.

Did you know how you would move me, did you know?
Did you know how you would move me?
well, I donít even think so.
but the moment's magic swept us away.
and itís so close, but weíre so far away.
Itís so close, but weíre so far away.

if youve never heard it, its good stuff

 if i fall    2006-01-11 20:06:56 ET
two posts in the same year thats a record
i have been a long emo kick lately
i like emo so its ok

 everything is alright yeah everything is alright    2006-01-10 03:35:09 ET
so this is my post for the year (kidding) hope everyone had a great christmas and a better new years. got a 360 (woooooo)
BOW TO YOUR MAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i had a good christmas and a good new years
kinda got to watch Advent Children kinda
i think i remember 30 seconds of the movie and that was it
well ive got to go its good to be back
much love to all bye

 'ello    2005-11-29 11:03:08 ET
yes yes everyone cry im still alive wooooooooooooooooooooooooo
i laugh at your tears muhaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha
nothing is really new with me hope everyone had a great thanksgiving
i did ate to much like normall me love thanksgivingbut anyway
just wanted to let everyone know im still alive and if i had
the energy im sure i'd be kicking so much love and bye

 subject is penis wrinkle cream cheese    2005-09-11 18:58:05 ET
so im back i have half my hair blue im proud of it so just want to let everybody know that im still alive so hi...........

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