rigafriggin down ner 20 miles by god    2005-06-27 11:27:27 ET
so i want and saw my dad after 12 or 13 years of not ever having contacted with him i got to see him it was almost like see a 60
somthing year old me. it was nice getting to see after all these
years hopfully everything will work out ok. we didnt talk about much
he told me why he didnt come see me and all that stuff he told me stories
about him and my mom. told my stories of how my mom had such a temper
we got a milkshake and thats about the entire day but it was good to see him though

 you look so good in blue    2005-06-24 15:41:32 ET
ok today im about to go to virgina to see some family
tomorrow i will see my dad that ive not seen since i was 8
dont know how thats going to go but anyway
just so anybody that doesnt know i love my kandess
i hope everyone has a great weekend
much love to all

     2005-06-22 20:57:54 ET
these three days have been bad and good bad because me and kandess
has been sick but good because kandess got off all three days.
so thats been good. here latley it seems ive been in a daze.
for everyone that knows me that may not be a shock. its like finding something so simple like a sunset or something and just zoning out
i miss moments like that its like the world seems to stop for
just a few seconds but people that live in the real world know that
time never stops but thats what it feels like. have you ever thought
about somthing and get so lost in that one thought you forget what your doing. i feel kinda like that but i could probly never describe perfectly
i really dont know why i guess its just one of those nights i guess
well thats all i wanted to say love to all

ps pesdespencer-o-doom i apolgize for the last few post if i through
myself off as being a pric im sorry

ok i think thats all i wanted to say ok goodnight all
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 cant you see it only raining    2005-06-16 07:50:32 ET
well it is the next day and beleive it or not no headache at all
i woke thinking i was gong to puke up my insides but i didnt
it that and im alittle shaky besides that im good
i refuse to make my own drinks ever fuck that shit
never never never again
i love and miss kandess and thats about all i have to say
love you all and wish you a good day

 why is everyone asleep its just 4am    2005-06-15 22:55:41 ET
im buzzing thats all that needs to be said
i love everyone and i wish you all a goodnight

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