Nerds Candy = flemming nuts    2005-07-21 19:24:34 ET
my hair is being fixed so thats good i love and wish my kandess was awake
thats really all i have to say so much love to all

 your the only place that feels like home    2005-07-20 18:32:17 ET
im having i hard time trying to figure out if i want to cut my hair leave it long i dont know but any way i mowed the ward today gasp i know
i toke time out ive my busy schedual (i know i didnt spell that right oh well) of practicing and playing video games to do yard work
well thats about all the excitment today tune in next time to read about........something of small interest

(if anybody thought that last line was really corny raise your hands)

 im gonna tear your ass up like we just got married    2005-07-19 20:17:36 ET
i have died (i think thats how you spell it) half of my hair purple
i odly enough really like it i'll take pictures later so everyone can see my hair and stuff kand and me went and spent friday and saterday
with my dad and mom kandess seems to like him and he seemed to like her
so thats good i think everything is going well with me and my father
i guess time will tell
well thats all for now much love to all

 we're going down down    2005-07-12 11:23:56 ET
i got a lip ring the other day im proud of it so for those of you
that didnt think i would do it muhahahahahahahahah for those of you
that had faith in me i refuse to do that again or atleast not in the near
future kandess told me all the time it dosnt hurt it feels like a bee sting however that may have been true what she didnt inform me of is how big the bee actually was cause that shit hurt given the fact that yeah
im a bit of a baby so that probly had somthing to do with it so after sitting in a side chair drinking a pop (soda for those of you that dont say pop)to keep my sugar up and sniffing these god awful smelling salts like i was a fuckin crack addict waiting to get in the ass. that wasnt fun at all but when everything was said and down i was glad i got it
whats funny is now i feel like i share som kinda bond with the piercer
its weird so thats my post much love to all

 untitled    2005-07-04 01:01:25 ET
have you ever said somthing only moments later wishing you didnt
they suck and you know that the world would have been better
off had you just kept your mouth shut i mean you can feel it
so much that it hurts to say anything after that and you can see
the tention fall from their face and all you can think about
is why the fuck did i say that. i should have been smarter than that
i should have known it sucks cause i know thier in there right know
thinking about where thier importance is and it drives me crazy cause no matter what i say it seems like nothing has an affect nothing
it seems like if i were to bow to every step and kiss every scar
it wouldnt do anything what do i have to do to make her feel beautiful
what do have to do to make her feel like she is the most important thing
in the world i hate it when she does this cause i feel so lost (more than normal)and i dont know what to do ive tried everything i can i dont know what to do but ive never given up on her and i never will no matter
where life takes us and no matter what she says i'll never give up on her

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