and..what?    2005-02-10 10:26:07 ET
so umm yeah im sittin here in school, bored off my ASS, and i have nothing better to do with my time so.....yeah..i dont know any more, im just to tired of my same old bull shit day in and day out... and im so sick of the stupid ass people i go to school with, they r so dumb, well dumn really isnt the word but im sure you all understand the ignorance of them all. even if you dont know them im sure you undertstand.

im just so TIRED! every morning, im supposed 2 get up between 5:30 and 7:30 and go 2 fucking school...i hate it. some one please help me find a new life! i will pay MILLLION DOLLARS! Muhahahah! no but shitty...

i got the oddest voice mail on my phone today...kinda made me scared...its like if you have ever turned you phone off and it dosnt come up on ur caller ID and you have NO idea who it is....and you will sit there and go thru your whole phone book untill u think you know who it is and you STILL happend......ive been there. and so.....another day in the life of me....

whoo hoo....fuckin exciting.....right?

 i win u lose nanananana!!!!!!    2005-02-09 18:27:11 ET
heheh duke won tha game 2night and it was great! and brian sucks b/c his team lost, and i won! heheh and hes mad! nananan! poopy head! but i loves him just tha same even if he moved 2 farkin west virginia! and he WILL come and see me! damn it!

but just tha same...i like UNC and duke....

and no im NOT on tha bandwagon!!!!!lol

 omg you make me SICK!    2005-02-06 18:12:58 ET
omg....there arent just any words to describe how sick i feel, and not like fever puke sick...people so fucking sick at the people i many to name just wouldnt understand. im just so damn KILLS ME! DEAR GOD! fuck it so for real....just fuck it all....fucking hypocrits!

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