oh shit...    2005-01-29 16:48:08 ET
(+)the chineese food was good.
(-)he wasnt
(-)school sucked sooooo much ass
(+)i love me!!!!!!!!!!!!
(-)i have to potty...and yes U did need to know!
(+) i like pink
(+)i love my etnies *they r black and pink*

*fuck it*

 Subject (optional);    2005-01-27 17:42:43 ET
(+)i have a date tommorow
(+)isaac is great
(-)life sucks
(+)beauty school is going good
(-)i dont want to go to beauty school tommorow
(-)i have a tummy ach
(+) i love bettie page
(+)i miss my best friends....

somethings just dont need to be mentioned...
thank you

 squishy fish.....    2005-01-18 16:00:07 ET
yeah i havent been on here in like 100 years. nothing new,as always. but on the brighter side of things, i have a gold fish her name is china, shes gelly like....and is fake. so i can take her with me every where i go. yeah........

i need a job,maybe a life, ANY one care to help me:(


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