i shall call him...........mini me!    2004-10-06 14:57:13 ET
well well well.......its that time of tha year again kiddies! my best friend is having this kick ass party 4 halloween! cant wait...but i need 2 get a great costume.........i dunno............i was a fairy last year... i dunno ill think of sumthing. prolly go 2 wal*mart and see whats there. i dunno.

watched a movie last night...austin powers...tha spy who shagged me. good movie. i think so. and 4 those who dont like it. poop on u. and i mean this. poop on u. but yeah, im "tryin" to do my homework. gotta do sum dumb ass poster. oh well ill get most of tha shit 4 it on tha internet. wow.... tha internet is great. well i think so. an again 4 those who think diffrent. poop on u times 2! :) i dunno im gonna go get sumthing 2 eat. smoke a cigg. go 2 food lion. and take a shower and go tha fark 2 bed. :) night kiddies! loves ya lots!

 damn! where have i been?    2004-09-28 16:11:33 ET
yeah....i havent been here in a while...busy....really busy. i get no sleep anymore...and im gonna go 2 bed RIGHT now...*yeah right* prolly in like 2 hours. oh well...butt ass crack of dawn....here i come!

bye guys! i loves u lots!<3

 shopping...it helps calm the nerves......    2004-09-20 16:44:13 ET
today was a good day. me and my mommy went shoppin:) she got me all kinds of goodies....:) made me happy. went out 4 lunch...went and got sum apple cider....*we do that every fall* i went to hot topic and i got sum patches 2 put on my dickys bag. 1 is baby eeor, he says i need a hug. and tha other is my lil pony. they were on sale. cant pass that up.

there was this shit there that i told my mom she HAD 2 have, it had a suqurrl on it and it said something along the lines of this..will some 1 please stick a hot french fry in my eye...i dont really remember......shot term memory i guess...i dunno..:P i got alot of stuff. im a happy camper. i start beauty skool tommorow:) hopefully it will b good. i hope:(..... 3000$ it better b DAMN good!

then when we got back 2 my moms i ran down the stairs 2 fast and hurt my ankle....it hurts like a sun of a bitch! so im havin 2 walk all kinds of funny now....sucks. i dunno im gonna go 4 now i gotta get up at tha BUTT ASS CRACK OF DAWN!!!!!!!!! and not its not 12pm....try 4:30am or 5am BUDDY! sucks:( WAHHH! *i want my mommy*

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