drink up!    2004-12-18 14:06:20 ET

How to make a razberry sparkles

5 parts success

3 parts self-sufficiency

5 parts joy
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of wisdom

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 i have had a lot of time 2............think.......    2004-12-13 11:55:01 ET
i have had alot of time 2 think, i suppose. things arent the way they were a year ago, i have no friends, no family, well "real family" and every 1 is just....not they way they used 2 b. im so tired of tha same every day thing. i pireced my labret again....kinda hurts, oh well i knew it was gonna happen any way. my friend is in tha hospital...shes real sick and shit, hope shes okay. well i must go save the world.*yeah right* but whatta ya gonna do...??

 sick sick sick! i hate it!    2004-10-14 14:49:54 ET
im so sick, i hate it.....and no 1 wants 2 take care of me, but oh well, im tired. im gonna go take a shower. and go tha fark back 2 bed.

good night.

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